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IFN Green
Founded specifically to assist customers with product development, sourcing, quality control and importation hurdles. They manufactureed at all levels of distribution shipping by the container, pallet or case pack - a network of supply

Karat products
Well-engineered and high-quality disposable and compostable goods sold at competitive prices.
Whether a big food service and beverage leader or a small neighborhood café,
Top-grade Karat products are great choice.

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Made from a combination of bamboo, rice, sugar cane, and willow fibers. Products have enhanceed mechanical properties of fibers, a cross-linking mechanism.  These fibers are oil and water resitant even at warm temperatures, yet remain biodegradable.    
Eco Green Packaging
Meeting our global responsibilities and the needs of our communities and world is who we are.

EGO Green Packaging offers a line of Compostable one time use products for both home, small shop or industry